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Who I am.

I’ve been silent.  Sitting here, but silent.  I’ve decided that instead of trying to force myself into writing random blog posts that have no meaning, I’m going to just open this up.  My heart, I mean. This blog will be … Continue reading

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Catching –

Catching from falling the mystery from time we exist. If a perfect came – calling against a fresh dawn and misty field the air flooded your body alive a plate in the window a shadow moves against the wall posts, … Continue reading

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Beautiful –

Beautiful, of scars, you’re made. What’s seen of rippled flesh and visible memories I see – seconds preserved. Beautiful, of words, your voice. I hear the whisper, a scream, and know. Beautiful, of you, with me.

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Again –

Again we stand our faces turned our hearts deciding – – the best path is not always clear but the etquette of innocence feels burdened. To be again in the spot this happening when double falls – – its ruble … Continue reading

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