Where I’m at.

I’m currently with a cover artist to come up with the cover for The Second Chance.

The editing is about 80% done now I guess.  Just reading and reading, making sure it’s all ready to go. 

I’m hoping to post some of the book here on my blog for free in the near future as we get set to put it to market.


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Through the magic of social networking… I have been in contact with a new small press publisher that’s interested in The Second Chance…

My fingers are SO crossed right now.  It would be great to get the extra help for the book… the editing is almost done, now I need a cover and a plan… hoping they will help me.



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I’m alive. I’m healthy. I’m editing.

I’m also planning the book release and waiting for some news to come through for me.  I was hoping to get the book out this month, but I have to push it back a little.

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Zero –

We come as we go,

the breath of time taken, given, let go.

In the precious seconds of years in between,

it’s up to us to figure out, what it all means.

For me, it’s the wonder, the knowing if this is all true

The love, feeling, passion, all made for you.

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Yellow –

Our flowers have come, the ground let them go.

The rain fed them, the sun pulled.

The winds came, and pushed.

They stood, hung on, and waited.

When the quick summer ending, they lost.

They fell and the frost ate them.

Enjoy the waiting.

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X –

X.  What can this mean?  In this world, in our life.

The chance at something greater, more full.  Or can it be the mark

of something worse.  Cover your eyes, cross them out, it’s time.

Wear it on your chest, showing the broken pieces, tied together

by loose string.

The mark the spot, where we once rested,

now we rest for good.

Or can we be two lines, crossed, stuck, forever.


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Update tSC

tSC is The Second Chance by the way.

Don’t ask, it’s early here.

The editing has taken longer then I wanted it to take but that’s life.  I was actually summoned back to my old job for some side work.  Not that I wanted to work but the company called me desperate and in my big heart I can’t say no.  So my schedule looks weird through May probably.  I hate it, trust me, I do, but I’m hoping my good deed here will payoff elsewhere *with the book, hint hint*.

Oh, and by the way, thanks to everyone for all the comments on my poetry this month.  It’s been a fun project.

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