What’s going on next.

Pondering to think about the next of the future, of course.

I’m staring down a novella that I wrote two years ago. I’m not sure of the voice, although my publisher likes it.  They like it, their editor likes it, so much, they want it published.

I, however, am holding it tight.  It’s dear to me.  It’s a novella that shows the innocence of love and the brutality of time.

It has some scary characters, but while their faces may be horrid, their hearts are gold.  So much like those in life, right?

The novella has a simple name – THE TREE.  I can say I’m happy the publisher liked the name… I would have fought for it.

I haven’t forgotten about 3 For Love, nor The Second Chance.

But I just think The Tree is such a good welcoming to myself… I’m working on it, against my publishers wishes.  Oh well, that’s life.

Considering the idea and the background of it all, I’d like to see it go live to you, the world, in October.  Maybe my wish will come true.

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