3 For Love… 3 more weeks

So it’s been decided that 3 For Love will stay where it’s at for a little bit longer.

And you know what?

It works for me.

Jim suggested it after he and I spoke two weeks ago.  He made the announcement on his blog http://jimthewriterb.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/were-pushing-back-3-for-love/

It makes sense for me.  I’d hate to just be some face in the large crowd of writers.  So I’m outreaching a little, trying to find some followers and friends on Twitter.  Perhaps a Facebook page is coming too, not sure.

But one thing I really want to get going is some poetry on this site and my journal thoughts… I’m an emotional man, not afraid of the heart beating on my shoulder.  Sometimes it hurts to have it like that, but oh well, that’s me.

BUT I will say this… 3 For Love WILL be published before the end of September.  That’s something I made Jim promise me. 

And I’m also excited that he’s decided to take on a novella I wrote two summers ago called The Tree. 

I’ll be talking about that soon too.

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