Who I am.

I’ve been silent.  Sitting here, but silent.  I’ve decided that instead of trying to force myself into writing random blog posts that have no meaning, I’m going to just open this up.  My heart, I mean.

This blog will be my journal.

My journal of life.  My journey of how turning forty has changed me.

I see the world bigger than ever now, but yet growing smaller.  I’ve been given the chance to finally take my words and extend them to you, in the form of ebooks.  I have words to share, stories to tell.  I hope you take the next step with me, because let’s face it – the unknown is scary.

My releases have been toyed with for the moment, only due on my part.  I’m sitting staring at prepared manuscripts.  Stories I wrote.  Stories I want to share.  But yet I’m afraid.  With the simple click of an email, I can and will change my life.

When the words enter the world – i.e. the marketplace – two things can happen.  The first is that I hit and bounce, like a pebble of the Earth.  I’ll blow away in the smallest of winds, taken.  My time will be as unimportant as the time we all lost and can’t remember.

That could be me.

On the other hand, perhaps my words reach people’s hearts.  Maybe the touch the soul.  The go deeper, just as I intend them to do.  You see the stories for what they’re worth – pieces of myself.

By connecting, I will have fulfilled a dream that has raged within me for decades.  But I hope to never let you down.  I hope to be here, available.  And I hope the words keep coming. 

The stories I share are me, as I said.

I’m taking a new path for a new path.

I’ll share poetry.  I’ll write flash fiction.  I’ll be where I can, when I can.  I am apart of someone else, so my need to reach out is there.  But this is a different side of a person you may know.  I am the inner truth.  The self doubts.  The hidden secrets.  The keys are my breath, and the words my air.  They connect, they create, they exist.

I am Adler James.  I am fictional.  I am okay with that. 

But I am real.

Don’t question it, believe it.


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