What’s going on next.

Pondering to think about the next of the future, of course.

I’m staring down a novella that I wrote two years ago. I’m not sure of the voice, although my publisher likes it.  They like it, their editor likes it, so much, they want it published.

I, however, am holding it tight.  It’s dear to me.  It’s a novella that shows the innocence of love and the brutality of time.

It has some scary characters, but while their faces may be horrid, their hearts are gold.  So much like those in life, right?

The novella has a simple name – THE TREE.  I can say I’m happy the publisher liked the name… I would have fought for it.

I haven’t forgotten about 3 For Love, nor The Second Chance.

But I just think The Tree is such a good welcoming to myself… I’m working on it, against my publishers wishes.  Oh well, that’s life.

Considering the idea and the background of it all, I’d like to see it go live to you, the world, in October.  Maybe my wish will come true.

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From within

The guidance, comes, from within.  You are yourself, your choice, mind, complete with body and soul.

Don’t give it up.  Don’t give it out.

We may blur from time to time but even the strongest leaf in summer dies by winter, only to come back again.

Rise, fall, but never forget the ride.

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3 For Love… 3 more weeks

So it’s been decided that 3 For Love will stay where it’s at for a little bit longer.

And you know what?

It works for me.

Jim suggested it after he and I spoke two weeks ago.  He made the announcement on his blog http://jimthewriterb.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/were-pushing-back-3-for-love/

It makes sense for me.  I’d hate to just be some face in the large crowd of writers.  So I’m outreaching a little, trying to find some followers and friends on Twitter.  Perhaps a Facebook page is coming too, not sure.

But one thing I really want to get going is some poetry on this site and my journal thoughts… I’m an emotional man, not afraid of the heart beating on my shoulder.  Sometimes it hurts to have it like that, but oh well, that’s me.

BUT I will say this… 3 For Love WILL be published before the end of September.  That’s something I made Jim promise me. 

And I’m also excited that he’s decided to take on a novella I wrote two summers ago called The Tree. 

I’ll be talking about that soon too.

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3 For Love update

I’ve been told that 3 For Love will be published by September 10.

Score for me.

Or something.

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Who I am.

I’ve been silent.  Sitting here, but silent.  I’ve decided that instead of trying to force myself into writing random blog posts that have no meaning, I’m going to just open this up.  My heart, I mean.

This blog will be my journal.

My journal of life.  My journey of how turning forty has changed me.

I see the world bigger than ever now, but yet growing smaller.  I’ve been given the chance to finally take my words and extend them to you, in the form of ebooks.  I have words to share, stories to tell.  I hope you take the next step with me, because let’s face it – the unknown is scary.

My releases have been toyed with for the moment, only due on my part.  I’m sitting staring at prepared manuscripts.  Stories I wrote.  Stories I want to share.  But yet I’m afraid.  With the simple click of an email, I can and will change my life.

When the words enter the world – i.e. the marketplace – two things can happen.  The first is that I hit and bounce, like a pebble of the Earth.  I’ll blow away in the smallest of winds, taken.  My time will be as unimportant as the time we all lost and can’t remember.

That could be me.

On the other hand, perhaps my words reach people’s hearts.  Maybe the touch the soul.  The go deeper, just as I intend them to do.  You see the stories for what they’re worth – pieces of myself.

By connecting, I will have fulfilled a dream that has raged within me for decades.  But I hope to never let you down.  I hope to be here, available.  And I hope the words keep coming. 

The stories I share are me, as I said.

I’m taking a new path for a new path.

I’ll share poetry.  I’ll write flash fiction.  I’ll be where I can, when I can.  I am apart of someone else, so my need to reach out is there.  But this is a different side of a person you may know.  I am the inner truth.  The self doubts.  The hidden secrets.  The keys are my breath, and the words my air.  They connect, they create, they exist.

I am Adler James.  I am fictional.  I am okay with that. 

But I am real.

Don’t question it, believe it.


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My first cover!

I was pleased to wake up today to find my first cover sitting in my inbox…

This is for a collection of three stories stories I wrote.  I’m pretty sure we’re shooting for an August release, but that will depend on all the little details (the things I’m so glad I don’t have to manage right now!)

So… here’s the cover:

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A novella is coming soon.

I’ve been quick lucky so far in my little journey here.  Altough the editing and finalizing of The Second Chance has taken longer then hoped, I’m very happy that one of my novellas will be seeing the ebook world soon too.

I can speak to print on it yet (it’s probably too short to be in print) but it will be in ebook form soon.


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